The foundation

The foundation

How to choose the ideal foundation?


The foundation is the first product used for make-up, for a correct application it is recommended to apply a base or primer, the application of this base will facilitate the drafting of the foundation.

The foundation allows you to cover redness, acne, scars, discoloration, obvious spots of the skin, serves to even out the complexion of the face, as well as eliminating the annoying shiny effect on the skin.

A best practice is the use of a moisturizer, so as to make the application of the product easier, a good routine also consists in doing a careful evening cleansing, so as to prepare the skin for a new make-up.

It is also recommended to use a concealer for spots and redness, there are correctors in sticks, correctors in cream and with brush or felt-tip applicator.

There are different types of foundations on the market, below is a list:

  • Tinted cream or BB Cream, serves to even out the color of the face (complexion), they are light creams added with a coloring pigment, color the face without weighing it down, giving a natural and invisible effect.Some colored creams also contain protective factor from UV rays, in fact the words SPF are visible followed by a number that identifies the degree of protection.
  • Fluid foundation, is the best-selling product, on the market you can find products in glass or plastic bottles, equipped with a dispenser. Both transfer and no transfer foundations are on the market, in the first case we have a smoothing foundation with a natural effect, in the second case we have a highly covering product, for high coverage results. It is possible to find foundation for oily skin (oil free) with a matting or matt effect, for dry skin, for sensitive skin. For the application of this type of foundation we recommend a foundation brush, a latex sponge, available in square or triangular format.
  • No transfer or full coverage foundations, they are high coverage foundations, ideal for covering more demanding skin, with some marks on the skin, have a filling effect and are recommended to guarantee the duration of the make-up throughout the day. These foundations have a smoothing effect.This type of foundation is available in stick format, compact cream. It is recommended to use a make-up sponge for applying the product, to finish it is customary to apply compact powder to even out the tone of the face.
  • Stick foundation, a product created for film professionals, at first it had a very strong consistency, but in recent years it has come back into fashion, with new formulations, suitable for all skin types, you no longer feel that mask effect that weighed down the face. They are commercially available for normal skin, for oily skin.
  • Compact cream foundation, they are cream products and contained in waffle-shaped packages, the application of the product is carried out with the latex sponge present in the package.The coverage of these types of foundation is medium-high, they are comfortable to wear in handbag, ready to use, and in some packages there is a mirror to facilitate application.
  • Compact powder foundation, 2 in 1 product, with a powder texture, with covering effect, no need to use powder.This type of foundation is ideal for oily skin, it serves to mattify skins that tend to get shiny. Not suitable for dry skin, it risks highlighting chapped areas.

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