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Diego Dalla Palma MyToyBoy Mascara

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Diego Dalla palma Mascara MyToyBoy

Mascara volumizing effect, lengthening, facilitates the growth of eyelashes in 30 days.

In just 30 days *, MyToyBoy mascara makes lashes naturally longer, voluminous, thicker and more resistant.

Innovative formula enriched with 2% SUPERLASH CPX, a synergistic combination of two powerful active ingredients:

Vitaminized biotinyl-GHK matrikina which stimulates the proliferation of the keratinocytes of the bulb of the eyelashes and strengthens them, reducing their loss and promoting anchoring
Panthenol -provitamin B5- which helps repair damaged eyelashes by strengthening them.
Other components:

Smart film-forming agents and natural gelling agents (from Senegal acacia) that improve resistance and hold, reducing burrs.
Mixture of natural waxes (rice, carnauba and cassia flower): full-bodied texture that offers a sensational volume immediately.
Intense black pigments to offer a deep look thanks to extra black eyelashes

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